Monday, July 12, 2010

The Water Garden

Water in the garden, whether humble or grand, serves as a decorative eye-catcher, a focal point to an area and can, on the hottest of days, create a cooling atmosphere.

As we in the northeast suffer through an unbearably hot summer with the rarest of rainfall, I'm reminded how my backyard patio still has the element of coolness. The falling water, the soothing sounds still bring a feeling of tranquility even in the misery of this heat.

My own pond was installed about eight years ago and has been one of the best things I have done to my draws more nature to my yard and just watching my koi can be very relaxing.

 A simple round or octagon pond seems to be a very popular design, as seen here at various English gardens and one that any homeowner can create. I found the one with the plant in the center with a fountain billowing over the top extremely unique...moving water makes such a difference over a calm pool of water. 

This amazing formal garden not only has an octagon pool in the center but the water flows underground to a series of steps where it continues it's flow down the stairs through a narrow channel and into a large pond as seen in the bottom shot.

 The theme of water flowing through a channel seemed to be a frequent feature of English gardens as seen here at Batesman, home of Rudyard Kipling.

Whether it's small or large, a rectangular pond is very popular and lends a formal theme to any garden.

A waterfall be it large or small adds an extra dimension to any garden because of the sound.

A large pond is usually only possible in an enormously large garden such as these in England...the top being a bog garden.

Even something as small and simple as this wall mounted fountain adds the element of sound and interest.

Of course dogs think a pond is their own personal drinking fountain or....

a lovely spot to cool off on a hot day.

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