Monday, June 7, 2010

Container Planting

The elements of a good container planting should:
Thrill, Fill and Spill
Container plantings can be simple or complex, the more complex should have a plant that "thrills", that's the one that is the centerpiece and usually is toward the back; "fills", would be the plant that fills in the space between the "thrill" and the "spill" which as it sounds, should spill over the sides.

Newly planted the impact is still there but as time goes by this container will dazzle. The container is actually a birdbath stand turned upside down. It's cast iron with no drainage so I always plant it with plants that love to be wet, in this case an elephant ears,  a juncus and a fiber optics plant.

A simple concrete basket holds a begonia and some impatiens.

The simple coleus is so versatile depending on what you pair it with and the container it's in.

 Some purple salvia paired with a purple splashed coleus is complimented by a simple light green container.

Don't be afraid of color, this container newly painted purple is paired with a spectacular begonia, orange impatiens, nemesia and a chartreuse licorice plant which as they age will spill over and make the purple all the more vibrant.

The same container planted with the same plants, early in the season and later in the season. 

A grouping of containers,, preferably in odd numbers, can create a feeling of warmth and comfort on any patio or deck.

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