Friday, June 18, 2010

Picturesque Patterns in Paths and Fabulous Focal Features

Why settle for a plain path when you can jazz it up with a pattern. 

It doesn't take much effort to make a path more exciting or to create an exciting focal point in the garden...a simple patterned mosaic can be made out of water-worn pebbles of different colors or by adding a multitude of materials for a more complex decoration.

Replacing any random section of path with found objects can make the walkway far more exciting. The easiest material to use is simply pebbles or a decorative tile.

Millstones have been used in patios and pathways for centuries but have recently have come back in vogue. But a simple millstone can be made more exciting with a creative use of stone or other found materials.

If a millstone isn't available, a similar effect can be achieved using modern pavers.

A circle pattern is often used in garden design, here a creative use of bricks and stone not only provides a base for containers but also adds a strong focal point.

Imagine how boring this little alcove would be with just a plain concrete floor.

Whether it's a path or a focal point, it can be made from a crazy quilt of materials, limited only by your imagination.

Though it's hard to see from this angle, this walkway at Great Dixter in England was a couple giant Dachshunds created from a variety of materials. The late Sir Christopher Lloyd, who resided at Great Dixter and a renown garden designer, had a passion for dachshunds.

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